"Finding a hypnotist you feel comfortable with and trust can be a challenge but Nancy easily met the criteria.  I have had 3 sessions with Nancy for weight loss.  She gave a detailed description of what I should expect before, during and after our sessions.  After each session she followed up with me to check on my progress.  Thanks to my sessions with Nancy I was able to successfully change my eating habits and have lost 22 pounds and counting!  Thank you Nancy!"

Kevin Smogger 

"Went to a stop smoking hypnosis and have not smoked a cigarette since"

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Two weeks ago I had my first hypnosis experience.  I wanted to stop a habit that I had developed that was becoming increasingly irritating to my husband.  So I looked to Nancy with hope that she could help me stop this habit completely.  I felt totally safe and aware of the process she put me through, and since that day, I have stopped the habit completely.  My husband and I are very happy with the results.  I intend to work with Nancy in the future to accomplish a few other things, such as resolve a life long phobia.  Help me to embrace cooking and exercise, and to explore past lives.
I highly recommend Nancy and am grateful to her for the effective help she provided.
Michele S.
Melbourne FL

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